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Book On Brahmi Herb The Brain & Hair Tonic Memory Loss
Book On Brahmi Herb The Brain & Hair Tonic Memory Loss

Book On Brahmi Herb The Brain & Hair Tonic Memory Loss

At its best, the human mind has awesome powers that can beat even super-computers, two such examples being Grandmaster Garry Kasparov and maths wizard Shakuntala Devi. Even the best of minds and memories, though, need to be nourished and honed.And Brahmi–a herb popular in India since Vedic times – does this best.
This booklet focuses on:
All about the preventive, curative and restorative properties of Brahmi for numerous ailments, while stressing on its amazing memory-enhancing abilities.
For those suffering from memory disorders of any kind, Brahmi is just the panacea recommended.
Whether it is improving a young child’s learning ability, a student’s school, college or university performance or an elder person’s failing memory, Brahmi produces phenomenal results. 
About the author:
Brijesh Regal is a WHO Consultant to the Drugs Controller of India and Chairman of the Community Pharmacy Division of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association.He holds a Master’s degree in Pharmacy from Delhi University,and is the founder of a prestigious Pharmaceutical Services Organisation, Apothecaries Limited.He is also a pioneer of the pharmaceutical care concept in India and has done extensive work in developing systems for informing patients and the public about medicine usage. Mr Regal has conducted several WHO- sponsored workshops on ‘Consumer awareness on proper usage of medicines’ across the country.
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